About the Fund

Public, Private, Listed, and Non-listed Securities All in One Fund

The Multi-Strategy Growth & Income Fund (“the Fund”) is a continuously offered, diversified, closed-end interval fund featuring an annualized 6% managed distribution rate, paid monthly, and quarterly redemption offers of no less than 5% of shares outstanding*. The Fund seeks to achieve long-term performance non-correlated to the broad stock and bond markets. It invests primarily in real estate investment trusts, debt and equity income securities, and alternative investment funds.

Income Potential

Core Alternative Allocation

Seeks Low Correlation with Traditional Asset Classes

Quarterly Access to Liquidity

*Limited liquidity is provided to shareholders only through the Fund’s quarterly repurchase offers for up to 5% of the shares outstanding at net asset value. The Fund’s distribution policy is expected to result in distributions that equal a fixed percentage of the Fund’s current net asset value per share. All or a portion of a distribution may consist of a return of capital (i.e. from your original investment). Shareholders should not assume that the source of a distribution from the Fund is net profit.

Risk Management

Available in four unique share classes, the Fund gives investors access to alternative income strategies that may provide greater yields and growth opportunities than traditional investments without requiring the high minimum investment that such strategies often entail.

The Fund aims to maximize risk-adjusted returns and therefore does not try to directly compete with stocks or bonds. Instead, it consists of investments with low correlations to these traditional asset classes, seeking to lower overall volatility and add value to an investor’s existing investment portfolio across a variety of market cycles.

There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objectives, generate profits, or avoid losses. Alternative investments typically have a different return profile and different risks than traditional investments.

Asset allocation among investment categories and specific securities is determined according to a risk budgeting process that categorizes each security as core, value-added, or opportunistic.

  • Core allocations are essential to delivering non-correlated returns; holding periods are expected to be three to five years.
  • Value-added allocations are expected to have shorter holding periods and may be over-weights of core allocations.
  • Opportunistic allocations take advantage of short-term inefficiencies; holding periods are expected to be approximately twelve months.
Allocation Methology

Top 10 Holdings

As of December 31, 2017

Security DescriptionAsset %
Collins Masters Access Fund, Ltd.14.39%
Clarion Lion Properties Fund6.86%
Cottonwood Residential, Inc.6.23%
Clarion Lion Industrial Trust5.93%
Mosaic Real Estate Credit, LLC5.17%
American Finance Trust, Inc.5.02%
CION Investment Corporation4.62%
NorthStar Healthcare Income, Inc.4.29%
Ovation Alternative Income Fund3.79%
NorthStar Real Estate Income Trust, Inc. 3.76%

Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered investment advice. 5098-NLD-01/18/2018

All Holdings

As of December 31, 2017

Fund Performance


PeriodRecord DateClass A: MSFDXClass L: MSFYXClass C: MCFDXClass I: MSFIX
January 20181/29/2018$0.0755$0.0743$0.0738$0.0765
December 201712/27/2017$0.0762$0.0750$0.0745$0.0772
November 201711/29/2017$0.0764$0.0753$0.0747$0.0774
October 201710/27/2017$0.0766$0.0755$0.0750$0.0776
September 20179/27/2017$0.0768$0.0757$0.0752$0.0777
August 20178/29/2017$0.0763$0.0752$0.0747$0.0772
July 20177/27/2017$0.0768$0.0758$0.0753$0.0777
June 20176/28/2017$0.0771$0.0761$0.0756$0.0780
May 20175/26/2017$0.0781$0.0772$0.0767$0.0790
April 20174/29/2017$0.0787$0.0778$0.0773$0.0796
March 20173/29/2017$0.0782$0.0773$0.0769$0.0791
February 20172/24/2017$0.0792$0.0783$0.0779$0.0801
January 20171/27/2017$0.0787$0.0779$0.0775$0.0796
December 201612/28/2016$0.0782$0.0774$0.0770$0.0790
November 201611/28/2016$0.0779$0.0771$0.0768$0.0787
October 201610/27/2016$0.0779$0.0772$0.0768$0.0787
September 20169/28/2016$0.0792$0.0785$0.0781$0.0800
August 20168/29/2016$0.0792$0.0785$0.0782$0.0800
July 20167/27/2016$0.0792$0.0786$0.0783$0.0800
June 20166/28/2016$0.0780$0.0774$0.0771$0.0783
May 20165/26/2016$0.0774$0.0768$0.0765$0.0777
April 20164/28/2016$0.0775$0.0769$0.0767$0.0778
March 20163/29/2016$0.0777$0.0772$0.0770$0.0780
February 20162/25/2016$0.0762$0.0757$0.0755$0.0764
January 20161/27/2016$0.0761$0.0757$0.0755$0.0763
December 201512/29/2015$0.0783$0.0779$0.0777$0.0785
November 201511/25/2015$0.0783$0.0780$0.0778$0.0785
October 201510/28/2015$0.0793$0.0789$0.0788$0.0795
September 20159/28/2015$0.0778$0.0775$0.0774$0.0780
August 20158/27/2015$0.0789$0.0786$0.0785$0.0791
July 20157/29/2015$0.0809$0.0806$0.0805$0.0810
June 20156/26/2015$0.0806$0.0804$0.0803$0.0807
May 20155/27/2015$0.0826$0.0824$0.0823$0.0827
April 20154/28/2015$0.0836$0.0834$0.0833$0.0836
March 20153/27/2015$0.0836$0.0835$0.0834$0.0837
February 20152/25/2015$0.0722$0.0667$0.0633$0.0754
January 20151/28/2015$0.0567$0.0505$0.0473$0.0603
December 201412/29/2014$0.0809$0.0746$0.0706$0.0847
November 201411/25/2014$0.0642$0.0614$0.0612$0.0672
October 201410/29/2014$0.0682$0.0627$0.0592$0.0720
September 20149/26/2014$0.0646$0.0596$0.0553$0.0646
August 20148/27/2014$0.0770$0.0733$0.0696$0.0769
July 20147/29/2014$0.0641$0.0632$0.0605
June 20146/26/2014$0.0626
May 20145/28/2014$0.0713
April 20144/28/2014$0.0637
March 20143/27/2014$0.0713
February 20142/26/2014$0.0647
January 20141/29/2014$0.0690
December 201312/27/2013$0.0700
November 201311/26/2013$0.0690
October 201310/29/2013$0.0686
September 20139/26/2013$0.0678
August 20138/28/2013$0.0653
July 20137/29/2013$0.0640
2Q 20136/26/2013$0.1850
1Q 20133/26/2013$0.1736
4Q 201212/26/2012$0.1631
3Q 20129/26/2012$0.1274
2Q 20126/27/2012$0.0650

Note: Cumulative distributions represent the Fund’s total regular distributions (excluding capital gain distributions and tax reporting adjustments) per share from inception through the time periods shown in the chart above. Monthly distributions include a return of shareholder capital. The Fund’s distribution rate amounts were calculated based on the ordinary income received from the underlying investments net of Fund expenses. Net capital gains realized from the disposition of Fund investments, if any, will be paid out annually. The distribution rate does not reflect other non-income items and has not been adjusted for tax reporting purposes. 5100-NLD-01/19/2018