We are pleased to announce the release of our 2016 annual report. A few highlights of the report include

  • We believe performance for the year was consistent with the Fund’s stated objectives, falling squarely between broad stock and bond market indices with lower average volatility than stocks and low correlation to traditional asset classes. This was achieved despite headwinds from a broad market shift away from many yield-oriented investments as well as a global growth scare.
  • The Fund further improved its diversification and broadened its exposure to sponsors of illiquid investment vehicles. Now, no single sponsor represents more than 20% of Fund assets, and no individual manager represents more than 6% of Fund assets.
  • Since the inception of the Fund over four years ago, it has captured over 140% of the upside experienced by bonds and only 73% of the downside. Compared to stocks, the Fund has captured over 34% of the upside and less than 19% of the downside.

To read the annual report in its entirety, click here.