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What Is an Interval Fund?

Interval funds offer investors the ability to invest daily and redeem their investment on an interval basis, typically quarterly, through the fund’s tender offer program. What are the benefits and who should consider of investing in interval funds?

Diversifying the Fund through the Collins Masters Access Fund

After many years of a low interest rate environment in the U.S., the market has been weaning itself away from asset classes that have been bid up to very high valuations (relative to historical levels) in the search for reasonable yield. In our view, higher yields were traded, almost blindly, for higher risk—lower credit quality, longer maturities, subordination, etc. With continued strong indications by the Fed, the market has begun to adjust for a higher rate environment, and these assets classes need to be (and are being) repriced.

The Multi-Strategy Growth & Income Fund Celebrates Two Year Anniversary, All-Time High Net Asset Value, and Largest Distribution Since Inception

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 1, 2014 – Today, the Multi-Strategy Growth & Income Fund (NASDAQ: MSFDX, “the Fund”) announced several major, recent accomplishments: 1) Two Year Anniversary: As of February 28, 2014, the Fund completed its second fiscal year and had net assets under management equal to $129,314,925. The Fund has distributed a total of $738,402… Read more »

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The Multi-Strategy Growth & Income Fund Declares Largest Monthly Distribution Since Inception

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2014 – RJL Capital Management, LLC, the San Diego-based investment adviser, announced the latest monthly distribution of its interval fund[i], the Multi-Strategy Growth & Income Fund (NASDAQ: MSFDX, “the Fund”). The Fund’s board of directors declared a monthly dividend in the amount of $0.0713 per share that was paid ex-dividend[ii] on March… Read more »

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